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This was one do where no visiting cards were exchanged. And introductions were minimal. After all, it was a party where old friends met to spend time together…. Sunday evening saw Sanjeev Bhargav of Sahar host a do for his friend and filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor, on a trip here from London.

Casually dressed in a corduroy jacket, pants and mustard pullover, Shekhar was his usual charming self, despite the stitches on his forehead, courtesy a glass door he had inadvertently walked through!

Meanwhile, as the charming host made sure everyone at the gathering was enjoying themselves, seen relaxing over rounds of cocktails and snacks were CBI director PC Sharma besides, artist Subroto Kundu with wife Nupur, writer, theatre and TV personality Sohela Kapoor who is also Shekhar’s sister.

A feeling of camaraderie was evident right from the time someone asked Shekhar if he had an an~ nouncement to make. And he, in jest, said that he’ll be getting married again …. Also part of the evening were Nandita Das with husband Saumya Sen, Union minister Murli Manohar Joshi’s daughter, Nivedita, who was seen talking to Rajeev Talwar and Sahar’s young executives Shambhavi and Vaishnavi, Malavika Singh and KP Singh.

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