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3 Tips by
Meera Gandhi

3 Tips by Meera Gandhi was produced in conjunction with Times Network India and aired in 2019-2020.


In each episode, Meera delivers 3 practical, easy-to-follow Tips on various topics that anyone can immediately put to work in their lives.


53 exciting episodes to watch below! 


The Meera Gandhi Show premiered on May 28th 2017. The aim of the show is to encourage people to live a life of positivity, spiritual understanding and inner peace.


Globally recognized and award-winning influencer, humanitarian and philanthropist, Meera Gandhi is awesome, and refreshingly candid as the show goes in-depth into one-on-one interviews with significant influencers from all walks of life: friends, healers, spiritual gurus, politicians, diplomats, actors and lawyers.


The key of the show is to re-discover tools to de-stress and live a more joyful, positive life. The show combined with amazing individuals gives us an exciting, moving glimpse into a happier way to live life.


The show brings to life, nuggets of inspirational wisdom, combined with inspiring stories of people's childhood lessons, successes, failures, future endeavors, and what it means to give back.


Watch this undeniably great, "content to be watched" TV show!


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3 Tips TV Show
Meera Gandhi Show


In this touching and riveting documentary, Meera Gandhi explores the deeply personal and unique ways in which humanitarians from around the world ‘give back’ to humanity.


Meera talks with inspirational figures, such as Cherie Blair; U2 singer, Bono; human rights activist, Kerry Kennedy; Steven Rockefeller; Irish fashion designer, Clodagh; actress Patricia Velasquez; Phyllis Farley of UWC; investment banker, Shelby Davis; Bollywood producer, Viveck Vaswani; singer Juliet Hanlon; hip-hop producers Charles & Randy Fisher; child activist, Homayra Sellier; Lord Raj Loomba and Peter Raj Singh of the Loomba Trust, amongst others.

The former US Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Wyclef Jean of the Haiti Relief Foundation, Narciso Rodriguez, Barbara Tober, Francine LeFrak, Mrs. LeFrak Sr., Somers Farkas, and scenes from Mother Teresa’s Asha Daan from 25 years ago also feature in the video.


The one-minute trailer quickly highlights Meera's documentary, and features clips with Cherie Blair, Kerry Kennedy, Bono, Peter Raj Singh, interior decorator Clodagh, Vikram Gandhi, Steven Rockefeller, and many others.

It was a truly special night at NYC's Walt Disney Studios for a special Quest Magazine screening of "Giving Back: The Film," a touching, inspiring, and riveting new 25-minute documentary by international humanitarian, author, and filmmaker, Meera Gandhi.  Jason Drew chats with Meera, Phylicia Rashad (The Cosby Show, A Raisin in The Sun) Hip-Hop Producers, Charles and Randy Fisher, International Architect and designer Clodagh, Homayra Sellier, The Gandhi Family, Fox News' Alisyn Camerota, and More.

Giving Back: Documentary
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